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Adult Education

PPC Birthday Celebration
March 15 –22

Join us for a series of events during the week of March 15-22 to celebrate the 140th Anniversary of Pasadena Presbyterian Church! We will be thanking all the extended members of our church community including local groups who use our campus. The events will be highlighted by the return of Dr. Barbara Anderson to the pulpit on March 15 and the return of Dr. Dean Thompson on March 22 with a festive reception following. Commemorative fortune cookies will be handed out to all campus visitors throughout the week.

An anniversary gift will be given to all attendees on March 22.  Featuring Adopt-a-Meal at Union Station, we will be collecting donations to underwrite our continuing long-time mission of cooking dinner for homeless men, women, and children each month. Come participate in our celebration throughout the week!

Sunday, March 15
10:00 am
English-language worship.  Dr. Barbara Anderson guest preaching.
11:20 am Adult Ed Offering: History of PPC Led by Frances Nicholson

Saturday, March 21
10:30 am
Donaldina Cameron Tribute and Luncheon

Sunday, March 22
10:00 am
English-language worship with Dr. Dean Thompson, former pastor of PPC and former president of Louisville Theological Seminary will preach.
11:00 am Festive reception celebrating our 140 years in Pasadena. Special gift for all attendees.


Roots and Reminiscing: Tribute to Donaldina Cameron
and Celebrating 120 Years of Donaldina Cameron’s Ministry
Fellowship and Luncheon
Saturday, March 21 at 10:30 am

Donaldina Cameron (1869-1968) of Pasadena began her service with the Occidental Mission of the Presbyterian Church 120 years ago. For four decades she rescued over 3,000 Chinese girls from sex slavery in San Francisco Chinatown (which was essentially a “bachelor society” because of the Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882-1943). During that time she frequently came to Southern California to speak in churches as Rev. Robert Freeman of Pasadena Presbyterian Church was chairman of the committee which supported her work. In our Freeman Chapel there is a stained glass window depicting Miss Cameron, a policeman and a girl. Today the Donaldina Cameron House of San Francisco is a center for youth work and family services. To celebrate the 120th anniversary of Miss Cameron’s ministry, Cameron House (with Ms. May Leong, Director) will hold this event during the week of PPC’s 140th anniversary celebration. This event in Gamble Lounge is open to all. Please RSVP by March 7th to Josh Chuck at josh@cameronhouse.org to make reservations for lunch.


Sunday Morning Worship Services 


10:oo a.m.
Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary (in English)

10:00 a.m.
Spanish Language Worship in Freeman Chapel

12:00 p.m.
Korean Language Worship in the Sanctuary

Christian Education classes for Adults 
11:20 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Childcare is available for infants through first graders 
in Parish House, Room 101, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

A warm welcome is extended to visitors of all ages!

The worship Bulletin for Sunday's English language service is posted on this website each week.   Click here to see the most recent Bulletin


Each week a grocery cart is parked outside the entrance to the sanctuary.  Items placed in the cart are added to our weekly food distribution boxes.  Suggested donations: rice, pinto beans, sugar, cooking oil; baby diapers and children's clothing;  paper towels and toilet paper; detergent and bleach. Volunteers are needed to pick-up, pack and distribute food to over 100 families each Sunday

Call the church office if you believe you can help in some way. Thanks!

There's a Group for You!

"TOTALITY" (ages 40-65-ish): Fourth Saturdays (in homes) 

Presbyterian Women Bible Study:

2nd and 4th Mondays 7:00 p.m.  (in homes)

Women's Group: 2nd and 4th  Monday at 7:30 p.m.

Stop by the Information Table after worship on Sundays to sign up 
or call the church office for  information on any of these events.




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